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100% Toxin-Free Cleaning

We believe that having clean clothes shouldn’t have to be a dirty decision.  At Sage Cleaners, our cleaning process is 100% toxin free and environmentally friendly.

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Service!!! I was very Impressed with the little “thank you” handkerchief in ALL four of my husband suit pocket. They was sooooo cute and perfect for wearing out in public. When my husband putted on his jacket, instantly he notice the handkerchief, and asked me where did I purchased them. Also the little handkerchief made it very easy for me to pick out a shirt for him to wear alone with his suit. Thank you for your excellent service, and yes! I will recommend your service to my Friends and Family.

Teresa R.

Great service at a great price! The handkerchiefs in my suit pockets were a special touch. Thanks again.

Tom B.

They were very good for the last 30 years we have used Majik Touch but Sage just might be better!

Larry N.

Good quality, quick and consistent turnaround time and decent price cleaners.

John P.

Super quality! First-rate service!

Duty F.

Every time I drive thru and/or drop clothes I am always greeted courteously and taken care of quickly.
All garments have been laundered ir dry cleaned properly. Very satisfied with the service..

Arlene S

Friendly staff and prompt service are a big plus!

Nick B.

They provide quick, excellent services – cleaning and customer relations. I definitely recommend them.


This is a good place to go for dry cleaning. Great service and nice people working there

Darlene S.