Comforter Cleaning Service

Our expert team of cleaners have seen them all and know just how to ensure your bedding stays comfy and clean.

Comforter Cleaning Tampa Fl

Comforters, Duvets, And Blankets

Bedding comes in a number of varieties, fabric types, and sizes. From wool duvets, hand-stitched blankets, and traditional comforters, our expert team of dry cleaners at Sage Cleaners have seen them all and know how to make sure that they are comfy and clean. One of the critical things our team does is assess the build of your bedding to make sure that we identify the proper cleaning method. Certain items require washing with very long drying cycles or needing to clean them using water-free cleaning agents. Regardless of the cleaning needed, trust all of your cleaning needs with Sage Cleaners.

Our Services

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

This is the service you’ll want when you want the best care & every item returned on a hanger.

Laundry Service Tampa Fl

Laundry Service

Get rid of laundry day by giving us the clothes you would normally wash & dry in your machines at home.

Alterations Tampa FL


Clean is only half the battle. Making sure your clothes have the perfect fit will make or break your outfit

Comforter Cleaning Tampa Fl

Comforter Cleaning

Get your best night’s sleep by removing dust & dander with our comforter cleaning service.

Area Rug Cleaning Tampa FL

Area Rug Cleaning

Make your area rug look better than new with our area rug cleaning service.  We’ll even deliver it back to your door.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Tampa FL

Wedding Dress Cleaning

let us help you preserve the memories of your perfect day with our wedding gown cleaning & preservation service.