Time Saving Plans


We get it.  You’re busy, so we’ve packed our services to get you what you really want, more free time.  Whichever plan you choose, you’ll get the best pricing around, amazing benefits, and most importantly, more freedom.

There’s something for everyone in our subscription plans.  If you’re a busy family with piles of dirty laundry, our laundry subscription plans are like having a personal butler.  Want to look professional every day without wearing that same shirt and pants AGAIN?  Our dry cleaning subscriptions will make sure you always look great without worrying about the bill.

To sign up for any of these plans, click on the link below, visit one of our retail locations, or call 813-543-8380.

Dry Cleaning Subscription Plans

A chart showing the average discount pass.
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A chart showing the difference between a professional cleaning and a house cleaning.
A table showing the price of a laundry service.

Laundry Subscription Plans

A laundry room with a sign that says light laundry.
Laundry freedom pricing chart.
Laundry freedom + price chart.