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How much does it cost to dry clean a garment?

Our prices vary based on the price that you want us to clean.  At Sage Cleaners, you’ll save 25% on every item every day.  Here’s our pricing  as well as our “VIP” price after your 25% discount:

Description VIP Pricing Regular Price
Coat $12.58 $16.77
Comforter $46.33 $61.77
Dress $14.58 $19.44
Jacket $21.76 $29.01
Leggings $8.75 $11.67
Pants $8.75 $11.67
Patio Cushions – Large $33.10 $44.13
Patio Cushions – Medium $26.51 $35.35
Patio Cushions – Small $13.28 $17.71
Patio Cushions – Throw Pillow $13.28 $17.71
Polo $6.86 $9.15
Sheriff Poly Zipper $5.83 $7.77
Shirt DC $8.69 $11.59
Shirt Ldry $4.05 $5.40
Shorts $8.69 $11.59
Skirt $8.69 $11.59
Sport Coat $10.75 $14.33
Sweater $8.69 $11.59
T-shirt $7.29 $9.72
Wash & Fold – Bag $50.00 $66.67
Wash & Fold – lb $2.92 $3.89
Wedding Gown Cleaning $215.99 $287.98
Wedding Gown Preservation $323.99 $431.98


How much does it cost to clean a shirt?

Shirts are cleaned two ways at Sage Cleaners.  Most shirts can be machine-finished.  These shirts cost $4.05 with the 25% VIP discount included.

Some shirts require hand-finishing.  These tend to be higher end shirts or shirts made of silk, linen, or fine buttons.  These shirts cost $8.69 with the 25% VIP discount included.

Pickup & Delivery

How does pickup & delivery work for dry cleaning & laundry

Our laundry & dry cleaning pickup & delivery service is very simple.  Simply schedule a pickup, put your laundry or dry cleaning bag out where our drivers can see it.  Our delivery experts pick up the clothes and return them on the next delivery day, perfectly cleaned & pressed.

I'm using your pickup & delivery service for the first time. What do I put the clothes in?

Place your clothes in a disposable bag (like a trash bag) with any notes you have and what service you would like.  We will return your cleaned clothes to you with a VIP garment bag for you to use on future orders.

How do I schedule a pickup?

Theres three easy ways to schedule a pickup:

– Text “Pickup” to 813-543-8380

– Visit our website at

– Call us at 813-543-8380

Is your pickup & delivery service really free?

It sure is!  You won’t pay any delivery fees, and you will receive the same great pricing as our in-store locations.

Is there a minimum order?

We try to make using our service as convenient as possible, so we don’t enforce a minimum order requirement.

How do I sign up for pickup & delivery service?

To sign up for our dry cleaning & laundry pickup & delivery service, you’ll need to sign up for an account.  You can do that by clicking “Sign up” in the top right corner.  When signing up for an account, it will ask you if you’d like to schedule a pickup.

If you already have an account, login and select “Pickup & Delivery” to schedule your first pickup.

What if I have a stain or a special request I need to ask you about?

Each pickup request allows you to make a special note to our team of experts.  You can also leave a note in the laundry bag, and our team of professional dry cleaners will take care of it.

How do I cancel my pickup that I scheduled?

If you need to cancel your pickup request, just login to your online account, select “Pickup & Delivery”, then press cancel.  You can also just text us and let us know that you don’t need a pickup, and our team will take care of it for you.

Retail Stores

Do you offer same day service?

We currently offer same-day service at one location: 3248 Lithia Pinecrest Road, Valrico, FL 33596.  These garment have to be dropped off before 9:00AM.  All other locations offer 48 hour turnaround on most items.

How do I sign up for one of Sage Cleaners subscription plans?

The easiest way to sign up for one of our subscription plans is by visiting Subscription Plans – Sage Cleaners and signing up online.  However, you can also call us at 813-543-8380.