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Wash, Dry, & Fold Service

Take back your free time by using our Wash, Dry, & Fold Service at Sage Cleaners.  Have us take care of your laundry, and we clean them to our high expectations and return them to you in as little as 24 hours.

Our prices on wash, dry, & fold services start as low as $1.19 per pound when you subscribe to one of our three laundry plans.  If you have commitment issues, don’t worry.  Sage offers pay-as-you-go laundry for as low as $1.49 per pound.

We do laundry differently

Sage cleans like no-one else cleans.  We start every order by inspecting & pre-treating any stains and separate by color before washing.  Our service is also fully customizable.  You can select your wash & dry settings, detergent, bleach, softener, and more.  Once completed, you’ll receive your clothes folded, organized, and wrapped so you can get back to doing what makes you happy.