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How do I create an account?2020-01-16T09:29:48-05:00

To get started, download our app to create your account.

How do I place an order?2020-01-16T09:32:12-05:00
  • Inside the mobile app, select “Place locker order”.
  • Place your clothes into any open locker, then press the “Tap here to start scanning the barcode” button on the app.
  • Scan the QR code inside your locker.
  • Lock the locker with any 4 digit code.
I created an account, but the mobile app won’t let me place an order. What do I do?2020-01-16T09:33:38-05:00

Text your locker number to 813-543-8380.  This will also create your order.

Turnaround Time2020-01-16T09:34:56-05:00

We visit all of our lockers on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.  As long as your order is placed before 8:00AM on these days, we guarantee that it will be returned to you on our next visit day.

How do I know that my order is ready for pickup?2020-01-16T09:36:03-05:00

We will send you a text with your locker number and code as soon as your order is ready for pickup.  Come by any time and grab your code by entering your 4-digit code into the locker.

What happens if I can’t pick up my order?2020-01-16T09:38:02-05:00

We will leave the order in your locker for up to 7 days.  In the event that the order is not picked up in that window, we will return it to our secure facility and reach out to you for a better delivery date.

Is Sage Cleaners a 24/7 pickup & delivery service for dry cleaning & laundry?2020-01-16T09:40:59-05:00

All of our lockers are accessible for picking up and dropping off orders 24/7.  However, our production facility, drivers, and customer service only operate within our standard hours of operations.

Why are there barcodes on my clothes?2020-01-16T10:40:21-05:00

Sage Cleaners uses heat seal barcodes to track your garments through every step of our cleaning process.  This heat seal helps us locate your clothes easily and ensure a fast turnaround.  We do our best to place these in an unnoticeable area of your garment.  These barcodes also allow you to not have to remove any pesky paper tags that other dry cleaners use.

How do I add a coupon to my order?2020-01-16T10:42:25-05:00

Before placing your order, open the mobile app and select “Coupons”.  In the top section, type the promo code into the app and press “redeem promo code”.  This will automatically place this coupon on your next order with Sage Cleaners.

How do I add special instructions to my order2020-01-16T10:43:58-05:00

Right before you confirm your order, there is a text box where you can include any special comments on your order.  We encourage you to use this section to include any information on stains or special requests for certain garments.

How can I reach customer support?2020-01-16T10:53:02-05:00

Our customer support is available Monday through Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM.  We can be reached a few different ways:

  • Text us at 813-543-8380
  • Call us at 813-654-2323
  • Chat with us anywhere on our website at sagecleaners.com
  • email us at care@sagecleaners.com
Why wasn’t my bag returned with my order?2020-01-16T10:57:15-05:00

This typically occurs due to an error in our sorting process.  When placing your next order, use any bag that you have available and let us know in the special instructions that your bag was not returned to you.  We will have your clothes delivered in a brand new personalized bag completely free of charge!

All of the lockers are full. How do I place an order?2020-01-16T11:00:55-05:00

If your building has a leasing staff, you can leave your order with them and contact us.  We will have a driver come and pick up your items immediately.

If you don’t have a leasing staff on location, reach out to our customer support team.  We will send a driver to clear any old orders so that you can place an order as soon as possible.

How do I get my order out of the locker?2020-01-16T11:07:09-05:00

We have written specific instructions below based on the type of lock that you have at your location.  If you are still unable to unlock your locker, contact our customer support team, and we will have a driver come out and reset your locker as soon as possible.


For locations with Digilock locks:

  1. Enter the 4-digit code that was texted to you.
  2. Turn the handle clockwise.
  3. Open the locker towards you to retrieve your clothes.

For locations with Safe-O-Tronic locks:

  1. Enter the 4-digit code that was texted to you.  You should hear a beeping sound if the button is acknowledged.
  2. Turn the handle clockwise.
  3. Open the locker towards you to retrieve your clothes.