Unmatched Tailoring and Alteration Services

Sage Cleaners is happy to provide amazing tailoring and alterations services on all types of clothing in addition to our dry cleaning and laundry services.  Whether you have a hole or a tear that needs to be fixed, Sage cleaners provides top of class alterations when life takes an unexpected turn.  We also take great pride in making sure that your clothes look their absolute best.  One of the ways that we do that is by making your clothes have a perfect fit for your body.  Our experience includes tailoring and altering all types of garments, such as formal wear, suits, coats, blazers, and dress shirts.

When you ask anyone what the most important thing is for fashion, you will always get the same answer: fit.  The way that your clothes fit you will completely make or break your appearance.  That’s why at Sage Cleaners we have professional tailors who can take any of your clothes and ensure that you have a perfect fit.

Shorten & Lengthen Hems

Many retail stores don’t offer in-house alteration services.  They also may not have pants that fit you perfectly right.  Instead of settling for pants that are dragging the ground, bring your pants to Sage Cleaners for us to make sure your pants fit the way that they were originally intended to.

Original Denim Hems

Getting a distressed look on the bottom of your jeans is a signature look.  For our denim hems, we remove the amount of fabric needed to shorten your pants, then reattach the distressed hem at the bottom of your newly cut jeans.

European Denim Hems

Don’t care to keep the distressed look on your jeans?  We also offer a service to cut the jeans to the correct height, then hem the jeans to look good as new.

Zipper Replacement

Don’t throw those pants away!  We can replace it entirely to keep your favorite pair of pants in your wardrobe.

Zipper Repairs

Let our industry experts see if we can repair your zippers that aren’t working like they did when you purchased your clothes.

Dress & Skirt Hems

Getting the right length is critical, and that’s no exception for your skirts and dresses.

Free Button Replacement

Nothing beats free.  We will fix your buttons or replace needed buttons as needed at no additional cost.

Waist Splitting

We can split the waist in your pants so that you can get that perfect fit.

Garment Resizing

Life changes, and your body changes too.  We’ll help make sure you have that perfect fit regardless of what changes in life.