Our Cleaning Process

Dry Cleaning has always had a bad name for being very bad for the environment. This started due to a chemical named Perc being the dry cleaning chemical of choice across the United States. Perc has been labeled as a carcinogen, and we at Sage Cleaners prefer to not put that on our clothes :). A number of our competitors claim to be eco-friendly, but actually use a product made from Petroleum (cue the dry cleaning smell).

We at Sage Cleaners use a dry cleaning solvent named Green Earth, which is a liquified silicone. This solvent is more gentle on clothes, causing them to last longer and come back softer. Green Earth also has a great scent, so you’ll not only look good, but smell good too.

When you have us launder your products, you deserve to get a better product that what could buy at the store. That’s why we only use the best detergents that will return your clothes cleaner and better smelling than any solution that could be used at your home. Epic Advance is a natural detergent that utilizes enzymes and optional fragrances to get a product that is truly clean.